Indoor Voices One sheet

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“Ethereal, spaced-out swirls of hypnotic vocals layered on a dream-pop melody.” – yvynyl on “After

“brooding late night gem” – This Music Doesn’t Suck – Jason Finkel

“beautiful layering ethics and melancholic washes of shoegaze” – Earmilk – Briana Cheng

“without a doubt they’ve crafted a work of beauty and wonder” – Cassette Rewind

“… calm and often melancholic songs take the listener on a journey between layers of sound and conscience” – Manyetik Bant 

“Recorded in a music room in a high-rise you can almost hear the attempts to not disturb the neighbours in the vocal recordings, but the music comes across as super-charged, extremely full and in your face.” – Paper Pistol

“a brooding piece of cymbal clashes and somber notes that builds in climactic fashion to a really nice payoff” – Sirens of Decay on “Nevers (Loud)

“… superb debut long-player” – Soft Signal

“a track that has some rather captivating ambient background that I can’t stop putting it on repeat.” – Ride the Tempo on “If I Die

“a fantastic post-rock, shoegaze album, comprised of nine songs, none of which miss the mark” – Tympanogram

“Excellent calm synth based post-punk from Toronto” – Oslo Indie Office

“with layered vocals and guitars, here is the calmness of a sea without waves” – Roaming Rock

“exquisite collection, impeccable” – Pequenos Clássicos Perdidos

“another great find out of Toronto, Canada” – Burn the Bowery

” a sunset of richly textured melodies” – BlogTO on “Nevers (Minimal)”

“this band sure knows how to make a track” – Seshny